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Discography (David Burraston / NYZ / Dave Noyze / Bryen Telko / Noyzelab) :

Find any tape header, Bryen Telko, Feral Tapes, Cassette (2016)

ALG 118B, NYZ, Computer Club, Cassette (2016)

Mus IIC (remix), David Burraston, on the compilation Wrangler Sparked: Modular Remix Project Limted 750 copies double vinyl LP + CD (2016)

DRN4, NYZ, .MEDS Cassette (2016)

Chaotic Cellular Drums, David Burraston, Alku Cassette (forthcoming 2016)

T.H. Cycle, David Burraston, Important Records/Cassauna, Cassette, (2015)

WIRED Lab CV Session #1, David Burraston & Russell Haswell, Alku Cassette ( 2015)

Automata 52, Dave Noyze, Cataclyst CD (2014)

16x16 Cell Meditations, Noyzelab, MEDS Cassette (2014)

Pi, Chips & Ravey, Dave Noyze, Noyzelab (2013)

Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (Mix) David Burraston & Chris Watson, WIRED Lab (2013)

Frogs & Swans, David Burraston, Noyzelab (2013)

Error Routine, Bryen Telko, Noyzelab (2013)

Tales From the Riverbank & Other Stories, Dave Noyze & Bryen Telko, Noyzelab (2013)

Rainwire: Orchard Wires 12-12-2012, David Burraston, Noyzelab (2013)

Radioisotopes (Study), David Burraston, Noyzelab (2013)

Depressurization, Bryen Telko, Cataclyst Digital (2013)

Eponymy, Bryen Telko, Cataclyst Digital (2013)

Out of Memory, Dave Noyze, Cataclyst CD (2013)

Pi Scraper (Circumference Mix), Dave Noyze & Garry Bradbury, Below The Radar Vol 11, The Wire Magazine (2012)

Sputnik Beehive, David Burraston, A Quiet Position : The WIRED Lab. Engraved Glass (2012)

WIRED Open Day 2009, The WIRED Lab (Alan Lamb, Garry Bradbury, David Burraston, Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox), Double Vinyl LP, Taiga Records USA, Taiga 19 (2012)

Automata 49, Dave Noyze, Cataclyst CD (2009)

Automata 48, Dave Noyze, Cataclyst CD (2008)

Generative Compositions 1998–2006, Dave Noyze, Cataclyst CD (2008)

Land Down Under, Dave Noyze, Can Buy Me Love Vol 2 compilation CD, CBML2 (2006)

A Roaming We Will Go, Dave Burraston & Peter Green, Strings & Things compilation CD, Lo Editions/BMG Zomba LC 4369 (2005)

Out of Memory, Dave Noyze, Sevcom Edition CD album (2005 - no longer available, repressed on Cataclyst 2013)

A Circle of Code 1 North East, Dave Noyze, The End of the Fear of God compilation CD, Tochnit Aleph 048 (2004)

Generative Music & Cellular Automata, Dave Burraston, SPARKS compilation DVD, Creativity & Cognition Studios Press (2003 - no longer available? my local archive is here)

Automata, Dave Noyze, Beta Bodega Coalition, compilation CD RB001 (1999 - no longer available)