Generative Music and Cellular Automata

Dave Burraston

Some studies made with max and ircam openmusic environments. The openmusic stuff was submitted to Stephen Wolfram's NKS 2003 conference. Original version can be found on the SPARKS DVD from 2003 published by the Creativity and Cognition Studios, Sydney, Australia.


Turrettes : Non-existant military specification integrated circuit with CA soundtrack


Current Music Investigations



Space-time Visualisations

Single Seed 1D CA

Random Seed 1D CA

Totalistic 8 bit 1D CA selection

Totalistic 25 bit 1D CA selection


A selection of algorithmic based compositions from 1995 to the present in 56k mp3 format. The majority of these were conceived using CA algorithms and human creativity. Many of these also contain creative input from other algorithms such as the Lorenz Attractor and Self Referential Paradox.

2darray-long.mp3 2 dimensional array ambience - long
alien-body.mp3 Alien Body
b2wavf.mp3 B^2 WAV F
fraxamation.mp3 Fraxamation
hydracolonical.mp3 Hydracolonical
invertandaddone.mp3 Invert and add one
theloveofeggs.mp3 The Love of Eggs
machzephirum.mp3 Mach Zephirum
orbiter.mp3 Orbiter
phractonation.mp3 Phractonation
anti-interaction.mp3 Anti Interaction
SelfRef.mp3 Self Referential
tarantulamechanic.mp3 Tarantula Mechanic
Ulam.mp3 Ulam
wastegatedumpvalve.mp3 Waste Gate Dump Valve (Created for art@radio on the River, Hull, England
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